Novus Capstone, LLC, was formed in January 2017 to establish public-private partnerships to transition and commercialize emerging national security technologies and capabilities from government to private sector. Initiatives were designed to overcome the chronic “valley of death” challenges in diffusing innovative but often classified research and technologies.

Founder Keith Harlow brings over 35 years with federal executive branch, legislative branch, and private sector organizations in diverse operational, analytical, research and development (R&D), program management, and federal executive positions. Keith brings to Novus Capstone his demonstrated skills in executive management and leadership for a geographically diverse federal R&D enterprise providing exceptional direction, coordination, and integration of critical and complex national security technology development programs and support infrastructure.

Recent News

  • September 29, 2018. Novus Capstone forms National Security Consulting Consortium among four consulting firms
  • February 28, 2018. Novus Capstone delivers concept plan for a new advanced manufacturing center in Northern Virginia. The proposed National Advanced Manufacturing Center (NAMC) is envisioned to be a Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Northern Virginia that will serve a United States Government and commercial industry customer base. Initially NAMC will provide additive manufacturing (AM) services, primarily leveraging polymer and metal material technologies to produce hyper-customized, small batch products for its customers. While the NAMC will rapidly produce prototypes for form and fit testing, and develop customer prototypes for functional testing under working conditions, a primary focus during its first phase of operation will be on the manufacture of final finished products supporting national security missions.  While AM production continues from phase one, a parallel activity will begin that looks further into the future of emerging AM and material technologies. The primary purpose of phase two is to transition novel AM tools, techniques and processes from the laboratory into a commercial environment. During this phase an even tighter coupling with the DOE national labs and academic institutions will enable research and development at mid Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) to transition to NAMC at about TRL 5 for further maturation and operationalization.